JP74 are an emerging technology consultancy.

We explore and grow new ideas; making the most of what already exists, and creating what doesn’t.

Technologies we are working with include Machine Learning, Big Data, LiDAR sensors, IoT, CRM, and AI.

All businesses are different. Scope, scale, industry, employees – all different across SMEs. Which is why our consultation process doesn’t just follow the same pattern for every business.

Clients include Egencia, D&AD, Petal, Urban Splash, Arjo Wiggins Creative Papers, Panaz and Birchall Food Services.

We always look at what technology already exists, especially if it is already used by a company, as well as looking ahead to what is happening within Industry 4.0 and emerging tech. This allows your business to be on the front foot and prepared for digital change.


Evolution not revolution. It’s a phrase we’re all familiar with – and it’s one we firmly believe in.

Moving your company forward towards a more robust and structured digital future can be daunting.

That’s where JP74 can help.

We believe it’s better to make small, incremental changes that all your staff can buy into – rather than making large scale transformations that could potentially disrupt the progress of your organisation. The gains made from these changes can then further power your digital evolution.

Talk to us about how we can help your business to evolve.


What do you want achieve for your business? Stability? Growth? Improved efficiency… or all of the above?

At JP74 we believe using emerging technologies can help your company to evolve into a more streamlined, efficient and profitable operation by improving your digital structure and processes.

We’re all about delivering measurable solutions and improving our clients’ businesses by helping them attain their operational targets through sustained growth.

As well as being emerging technology consultants, we also generate IP and proof of business proposals in partnership with other companies and individuals to build new businesses.

If you are interested in finding out more about our current projects, or would like to discuss your business, please get in touch.

So let’s get started… call us — 01282 774443.