We are JP74. An agency with a specialism in digital products and applications. Based in the North West of England, we exist on the plane where planning, design and technology converge. We specialise in projects that improve the ways in which a business operates — digital transformation.

Diagnosis and Strategy
Every project begins with consultation of the stakeholders within the project to identify the challenges and issues. From here we collectively generate a project brief.

Scoping and Planning
Each project undergoes a scoping and planning exercise to establish the details of the proposed solution. From the functional and technical specifications to the user experience. This serves as our foundation for the production process and ensures that every stakeholder involved has knowledge and buy-in.

Production and Implementation
We pride ourselves as a highly skilled team of planners, designers and coders. Each project is produced with meticulous care and detail, and when completed we ensure that the users of any provided systems are fully trained.

JP74 was founded in 2001, and in that time we’ve formed lasting relationships with a number of high profile clients. We’ve delivered a long list of bespoke digital projects which have improved the workflow, efficiency, working methods and importantly, return on investment for all the businesses involved.