Changing the face of Lancashire business
through Digital Transformation

At Digital Lancashire we’re focussed on supporting and building the digital economy in Lancashire - and we believe in Digital Transformation. But what is it and what could it mean for your business?

We’re here to help you find out.

In partnership with JP74 we’re running a pilot scheme throughout Lancashire. They will invest a day of their time to understand your business aims and objectives - and by getting under the skin of your digital issues and problems and by assessing and identifying the challenges your business faces, the route to Digital Transformation will become clearer.

They will walk you through various digital sectors such as Cloud, AI, Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics and Customer Relationship Management, providing an insight into the potential benefits your organisation could embrace in the future.

There will be no charge for this day of valuable time - but the pilot scheme is limited to just 10 Lancashire companies whom we feel qualify for this unique investment in their operation.

If you’re ready to explore what Digital Transformation could mean to you and your business, fill in the form below or call JP74 on +44 (0)1282 774443


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