The Initiative.
Time for Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation - what does it mean?
Put simply, Digital Transformation is looking at traditional processes and applying leading technology to improve your business - increasing productivity, increasing profitability and improving communication.

What can Digital Transformation do for me and my business?
It will make salespeople more effective, ensure disparate systems talk to each other, increase profitability and result in cost savings.

Some examples of what Digital Transformation achieved for our clients:  

Delivered a new business model for a client, increasing turnover by 20x of the budget outlay with no increase in operational cost.

Simplified 80% of a team’s complex daily tasks - massively reducing administration time.

Created a suite of cloud applications for £250,000 saving our client £800,000 a year.

Revolutionised a business by utilising an off the shelf CRM to run an entire businesses logic. We delivered this in 90 days, saving our client £180,000 a year.



What do JP74 know about Digital Transformation?
We've worked with SMEs, globally recognised brands and multinationals - helping them achieve financial, restructuring and economic targets - and we're offering you a day of our time to help you discover how Digital Transformation can work for you.

How can JP74 help me?
Through our Initiative you can tap into our expertise, you can explain your business aims and objectives. We'll learn all about you, we'll assess your operational needs, we'll identify the challenges, we'll explore routes to digitally transforming your business, we'll inform and inspire.

What is the cost?
Just your time. Let’s talk about how we can digitally transform your business. Sign up for The Initiative via the form below or by telephone on +44 (0)1282 774443.

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