Digital Transformation for the D&AD Awards

Digital transformation is the process of taking traditional processes, and existing systems, and improving them for users, using advanced technology and software systems. This is what we do for our clients.

We carried out a scope of work and completed a project that required us to build an online awards system. The project in question was the D&AD awards application. If you haven’t heard of D&AD, they are a prestigious organisation in the creative industry, and are globally recognised for their professional awards.

The brief was a unique opportunity to take an existing system and paper based manual process, and create a digital experience that would replace it.

Working with D&AD all processes and systems that were currently in place were identified and mapped out. This exercise enabled us to see what needed to be created, to provide the organisation and the judges with the best experience possible.

What we went on to produce for D&AD, not only improved the overall experience for the judges, making the process quicker and more enjoyable, but it saved D&AD a six figure sum in software support costs and reduced the event by a day, saving the event overheads by 25%.

Following its completion, we whilst we knew we had delivered an application; a system that worked well, with a good user experience, it is only now – with hindsight – that we can see this was our first digital transformation project.

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