Creating a digital presence reflective of an agency with no fear

When an agency claim they have no fear, we know we’re facing a challenge to match that statement in creating their digital presence. GBH’s approach to work means they cross creative boundaries, blur disciplines and mix objectivity with experience and expertise. In their own words, they work with like-minded people to find new pathways and make game-changing work - which is why they came to JP74.

On the surface, the brief was fairly straightforward - showcase GBH’s wide ranging portfolio on their site. But that would be too straightforward for an agency that, in their own words, are ‘not a normal agency’. So we set about understanding what ‘not normal’ is in the world of GBH.

We spent time at their studio. We sat down and chatted with them. We immersed ourselves in their environment. And after hearing Jason, Mark and Pete enthusing over their favourite projects - and how they came to life when discussing them - the client relationships and crazy collaborations, it was apparent that a portfolio wouldn’t be enough. We had to capture their energy, desire and willingness to take seemingly disparate or outlandish ideas – whether it be for in-store, sailing boats or hotel foyers – and produce amazing work. We needed to capture their personality.

We understood GBH - and because we understood, we could empathise. And because we could empathise, we knew what we had to produce that would reflect the aims and beliefs of an agency with no fear.

In order to allow the mixing of projects but retention of ideas, we created a menu system to present the work. The team can create a ‘theme du jour’ and group three projects together under a common thread. This allows GBH to keep the energy and enthusiasm inherent in the different projects, and allow them to segue smoothly between them. How else would they group a bear riding a bicycle, a bag and arrow with legs and a technology power cell under the banner of Friendship…