Johnson Tiles


Simplifying the navigation process through over 4,300 products

Johnson Tiles are the UK’s leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles. With such status and product diversity comes a unique set of problems related to organising and managing their tiles, ranges and individual specifications.

As usual, the brief was fairly simple - enable visitors to the Johnson Tiles website to navigate through the vast range of over 4,300 products. To reach the end, though, you have to start at the beginning - from the outset our planning process revolved entirely the needs of our end users. We worked alongside their branding agency and an independent research company to get inside the minds of the target audience - the product specifiers. In depth qualitative research provided us with the insight necessary to develop a clear, formulated brief and we knew we had to build more than just a website. Ultimately, the objective for us was to make the user journey as simple as possible - improving the experience and make browsing, viewing and specifying tiles as effortless and straightforward as possible.

Armed with the research findings, we undertook an exercise into planning and defining the routes to the product, where we solved the challenge of displaying and relating thousands of products, keeping them within easy reach.

Managing these products also presented challenges, so we applied the same level of problem solving to simplify administration of the site by the web team at Johnson Tiles. We developed a cloud based asset management application – replacing their incumbent solution and its ‘several thousand pounds per year’ license fees – to provide a solution that was low cost, scalable and reduced response times in delivering assets to the browser, further improving the end user experience.