Sofa Ball

Words by Jack Havercroft

Never heard of it?

You will - it’s sweeping the nation….well, JP74 to be exact….but it will sweep the nation.

It’s game for everyone - played by everyone…...Sausage, The Slimy Vulture, Tarmac, The Doctor… name just a few.

The objective of the game? To get the ball to rest on the sofa. You’re only allowed one touch. It requires skill, dedication, physical endeavour.

All matches are played at The Setteehad.

We’ve had a European Championships already - based on the fact that Fabien, sorry, Zinedine Fabiane, is French - and the Nathan Walsh Testimonial. We’ve even had guest appearances by clients who arrived for a meeting and left with a sheen of sweat on their brow...Sofaball can be quite energetic.

The Final of the Euro’s was amazing - the crowd packed into the Setteehad were given a treat as The Doctor and The Slimy Vulture entertained us with a level of skill that left us breathless. The final score? 10-4 to The Slimy Vulture.

Sofaball - it’s the future.